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The Mother Goose Diaries

Do you know Mother Goose? The REAL Mother Goose? In Chris Colfer’s The Mother Goose Diaries, you learn all about the infamous Mother Goose in her own words. You’ll read about her adventurous past and her encounters with such historical celebrities as Marie Antoinette, Joan of Arc, Napoleon, Henry the Eighth, Leonardo¬† daVinci¬† and others. How did she get her… Read more »

Charlie and the Grandmothers

Every boy and girl loves to visit the grandmothers, right? You haven’t met Grandmother Pearl and Grandmother Opal. In Katy Towell’s latest scary story, Charlie and the Grandmothers, Charlie and Georgia are sent to visit their grandmothers. Grandmothers they have never heard of. These are not warm and cuddly grandmothers. They don’t play games with you. They won’t bake you… Read more »