Check It Out!: New Non-Fiction

blobfishPink Is For Blobfish: Discovering the World’s Perfectly Pink Animals by Jess Keating

The zoologist author of How to Outrun a Crocodile When Your Shoes Are Untied presents an introduction to some of the world’s pink-colored creatures, from monster slugs and ultra-intelligent dolphins to naked mole rats and bloated blobfish.



glowGlow: Animals with Their Own Night-Lights by W.H. Beck

Why be afraid of the dark when there is so much to see? Whether its used to hunt, hide, find a friend, or escape an enemy, bioluminescence the ability to glow is a unique adaptation in nature. In this fun and fascinating nonfiction picture book, join world renowned photographers and biologists on their close encounters with the curious creatures that make their own light.



spidermaniaSpidermania : Friends on the Web by Alexandra Siy

Debunking myths about spiders, this book takes an extremely close look at these intriguing creatures that have both fascinated and terrified humans.