April is National Poetry Month!

Check out these new poetry books for National Poetry Month!



Poem-mobiles: Crazy Car Poems by J. Patrick Lewis and Douglas Florian

Presents thirteen poems about wacky, imaginative cars, including the “Sloppy-Floppy-Nonstop-Jalopy,” the “Bathtub Limousine,” and the “High Heel Car.”




The Poem That Will Not End: Fun With Poetic Forms and Voices by Joan Bransfield Graham

Ryan O’Brian is riding a wave of inspiration with no shoreline in sigh–he can’t STOP writing poetry. In the cafeteria with french fries. In the bathroom with toothpaste. Even on the soccer field with mud!





Poem Depot: Aisles of Smiles by Douglas Florian

An illustrated collection of silly nonsense poems about topics kids care about: talents, avoiding homework, friends and more.