Here’s Hank: Fake Snakes and Weird Wizards

g258258000000000000d497b5186ab371f6acf076ba2e7f0c8ca2ee6e93Have you met Hank? Before there was Hank Zipzer, fourth grader and world’s greatest underachiever, there was Hank, the second grader. In Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver’s Fake Snakes and Weird Lizards, kids read about the latest adventure of the  younger Hank and  his family and friends. When Hank tries to surprise his snake-loving sister for her birthday with a magician and a magical snake, funny results take place.

Beyond being a great story to read, Here’s Hank books are written using the font Dyslexie. Dyslexie font was created to help those with reading problems but is also fun to read! Check out the Here’s Hank or Hank Zipzer series at your library.