long winterAre you tired of the snow and cold? This weather reminds me of The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder, one of my favorite books. The blizzard in this book took place during the winter of 1880-1881. When the snow comes down I think of  Laura waking up to snow on her bed and spending days twisting hay for heat. I don’t think I could have lived back then!




blizzardA few years later, in January of 1888, another major blizzard hit the United States. This one was known as the schoolchildren’s blizzard, because so many children were sent home from school early and got caught in the blizzard. These two books, The Schoolchildren’s Blizzard by Donald Lemke and The Schoolchildren’s Blizzard by Marty Figley describe that event.blizzard1







Later, in March, another major blizzard hit the county, especially New York City. Jim Murphy, in his book Blizzard! tells us how life in the United States was forever changed. Aren’t you happy you don’t have to walk to school in this? blizzard4