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I Text Dead People

Some people see dead people. Some people can hear dead people. With Rose Cooper’s latest novel, Annabel Craven can text ghosts.   Cooper’s I Text Dead People tells the story of Annabel Craven, new girl at Winchester Academy and recipient of a special cell phone. One that allows her to send and receive texts from ghosts. This either very cool or way… Read more »

Return to Augie Hobble

From the author of It’s a Book, Lane Smith, comes his first novel that is funny, mysterious, scary and tender. In Return to Augie Hobble, you’ll meet Augie Hobble. He lives in a fairy tale world, actually Fairy Tale Place (a not-very-successful amusement park that his father runs). His life is far from magical. He has to do schoolwork over… Read more »

The Island of Dr Libris

What would you do if the books that you read came to life? In Chris Grabenstein’s latest novel, The Island of Dr. Libris, Billy and his mother rent a cabin from the mysterious Dr. Libris for the summer. When he breaks his iPhone on the first day doing a good deed and there isn’t a television to be found,  it… Read more »

Danger is Everywhere

Do you know what to do when faced with danger? In David O’Doherty’s Docter Noel Zone Presents Danger is Everywhere: A Handbook for Avoiding Danger, you will learn many things about dangerology and the chance to become a dangerologist. What does a dangerologist do? According to Dr. Zone, “a dangerologist sees  an awful place where terrible things can happen, ALL… Read more »

Five Elephants

Who are Lucy, Tarra, Tusko, Echo and Thandora? They are five elephants you will meet when you read Rob Laidlaw’s 5 Elephants. These five beautiful animals all have stories to tell and lived during different times. Beyond learning their stories, you will learn more about the elephants in general. What are elephants like? What are there challenges? What can you… Read more »