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Outside the Box: A Book of Poems

  Whether you’re reading “Mistaken Identity”, “The Great Garangtuan” or “Balloon-a-Phobia”, Karma Wilson’s Outside the Box: A Book of Poems, is full of wonderful and entertaining poetry! One of my personal favorites is “The Dream Weaver: Have you heard of the Dream Weaver, weaving your dreams from wishes and rainbows and silver moonbeams? She lives on a star and she… Read more »

The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop

It is almost that special day of the year. The timeĀ chocolate candies, magicĀ and immortal cats and rats. Wait! What?! In Kate Saunders’ latest book, The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop, magic meets adventure and chocolate has never tasted sweeter. The Spoffard twins, Oz and Lily, are in for the summer of their life when they move to 18 Skittle Street in… Read more »