Save Me a Seat

savemasJoe and Ravi are nothing alike, or so it seems. Each boy from a different world with different challenges, but in the course of one week … everything changes.

Sarah Weeks and Gita Varadarajan have co-authored a new novel, Save Me a Seat, Joe and Ravi are two unlikely boys that initially are dealing with their own issues. Joe is dealing with new teachers, new friends and a new lunch monitor (his mom). Ravi is new to the country, new to the school and is trying to balance American and Indian cultures. They both have a lot on their plates, but they have one common enemy: the school bully. They decide to change all this in one week. This is their story.

This is an amazing story of what two very different people can do when finding themselves in a place of frustration, torment and ridicule… known as school.