Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods

Move over Nessie, Sasquatch and Yeti. Make room for the Hodag, the Squonk, and other more sinisterFearsome creatures creatures found right in your backyard.

In Hal Johnson’s Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods, you’ll be introduced to twenty of the most disgusting, disturbing and dangerous creatures ever found in North America. Meet the Hodag, a combination of rhinoceros, dinosaur and a bull. Or maybe you have heard of the Snow Wasset, fairly harmless during the warmer months but quite deadly in winter. It bursts the ground and snow grabbing its helpless victim and dragging him below to his or her doom. While some may have dozens of arms and others may have none… all of these monsters are quite frightening.

Not a book for the faint of heart, these chilling tales will share with you the scariest creatures to ever travel this continent.