Need some ideas for fun?

Looking for something to do? Check out some craft or cookbooks!


Lazing on a Sunday Crafternoon : little projects for people with just a little time and a little skill by Eliza Muldoon

This beautiful book will have you creating delightful things out of everyday household items – from a child’s head band or aprons, to peg dolls, to skirts and shoe adornments, to practical bags and tool belts and felt toys.



craft2National Geographic Kids Cookbook : a year-round fun food adventure by Barton Seaver

For each month of the year discover recipes for fun, new dishes and twists on old favorites, weird-but-true food facts, profiles on “foodie ” people, plus activities and challenges you can do by yourself or with friends.




craft3Monstergami  by David Mitchell

18 “monstrous” origami projects for folders of all experience.This book presents 18 projects to create monsters of all kinds and sizes. The brightly colored monsters are shown step by step with folds displayed clearly on the page, complete with directional arrows. Easy-to-follow text instructions offer extra help.