Check It Out!: New Animal Books


animalSkydiver: Saving the Fastest Bird in the World by Celia Godkin

Retells the story of several generations of peregrine falcons and the efforts of scientists and volunteers to save the endangered species as the raptors are raised in a sanctuary and reintegrated into the wild.




animals2When Lunch Fights Back: Wickedly Clever Animal Defenses by Rebecca Johnson

How do animals defend themselves when someone wants to eat them for lunch? This book shows how several different animals, including the bone spiked African hairy frog, the blue-spotted N. taracua termite, and the peacock mantis shrimp, defend themselves.




animals1The Case of the Vanishing Little Brown Bats: a Scientific Mystery by Sandra Markle

Little brown bats, nature’s insect eaters, are mysteriously dying in their caves during hibernation. Teams of scientists discover something they call  “white-nose syndrome,” caused by a fungus called Pd. Scientists have searched different caves and mines in the eastern United States and discovered that Pd affects bats by damaging their wings. Can science find a way to help these little brown bats?


animalsNeighborhood Sharks: Hunting with the Great Whites of California’s Farallon Islands by Katherine Roy

A few miles from San Francisco lives a population of the ocean’s largest and most famous predators. Each fall the great white sharks return to California’s Farallon Islands to dine on their favorite meal: the seals that live on the island’s rocky coasts. Massive, fast, and perfectly adapted to hunting after 11 million years of evolution, the great whites are among the planet’s most fearsome, fascinating, and least understood animals.