Check It Out!:New Non-Fiction

mosesMoses: the True Story of an Elephant Baby by Jenny Perepeczko

Moses the elephant came to live at the Jumbo Foundation, an orphanage for large animals, when he was a baby. He liked to play with his animal friends and human baby sister, Catherine. Learn all about elephants and how we can protect them.




hopeHope for Winter: the True Story of a Remarkable Dolphin Friendship by David Yates, Craig Hatkoff, Juliana Hatkoff and Isabella Hatkoff

The true story of a dolphin who was rescued five years after the tailless dolphin, Winter, was rehabilitated by the same group, describing the efforts made by the Clearwater Marine team to save the injured animal they named Hope.



wolfMission: Wolf Rescue: All About Wolves and How to Save Them by Kitson Jazynka

Shares real-life adventure stories, hands-on activities, and engaging wolf facts while revealing what everyday readers can do to support wolf conservation efforts.