Back to School!

Are you excited about going back to school? Check out these great books and more with our updated Going Back to School booklist.



Stuart’s Cape by Sara Pennypacker

Bored because there is nothing to do in the house to which his family has just moved and worried about starting third grade in a new school, Stuart makes a magical cape out of his uncle’s ties and has a series of adventures.


Stuart Goes to School by Sara Pennypacker

Worried about his first day at a new school, eight-year-old Stuart wears his magic cape and hopes that it will help him.


Ten Rules You Absolutely Must Not Break If You Want  to Survive the School Bus by John Grandits

Before Kyle rides a school bus for the first time, his older brother gives him a list of rules he must follow but after breaking every single one the first day, Kyle discovers the rule his brother left out.




Planet Kindergarten by Sue Ganz-Schmitt

A young child imagines going off to Kindergarten as a journey to another planet.