Outside the Box: A Book of Poems


outside boxWhether you’re reading “Mistaken Identity”, “The Great Garangtuan” or “Balloon-a-Phobia”, Karma Wilson’s Outside the Box: A Book of Poems, is full of wonderful and entertaining poetry! One of my personal favorites is “The Dream Weaver:

Have you heard of the Dream Weaver, weaving your dreams
from wishes and rainbows and silver moonbeams?
She lives on a star and she spins from her loom
daydreams from wishes, nightmares from gloom.

Embroidering visions, enriching our nights,
dreams full of magical, mythical sights.
Frightful, wistful, charming, and bleak…
each dream, like snowflakes, unique.

The Dream Weaver holds every dream in her hand
and blows them away so they drift down to land.
And where do they fall, where do they go?
There’s no need to say. You know…

It’s National Poetry Month so come and read, Outside the Box, or one of the many other wonderful collections of poetry that exist. There are so many to choose from!