Daydreams and Dogs

Voices in verse introduce you to new worlds in the recent books by Nikki Grimes and Margarita Engles.


words with wingsIn the latest book by Nikki Grimes, Words with Wings, Gabby daydreams. When her parents fight, she daydreams more. When her parents separate, she daydreams even more. Sometimes she dreams more than she should. It seems that no one understands her: not her mother, teacher or even her friends. That is, until the day when she starts to write them down. When she brings her dreams to life.


mountain dogIn Margarita Engle’s Mountain Dog, Tony has never had an easy life. Before his mom went to jail, his life revolved around the dog fighting business that she ran in L.A.. To him, the subject of math was the  money, the business and the stress. Dogs were never fun or loving. They were vicious, bleeding and ravaging beasts.

When his mother goes to jail, everything changes. Tony goes to live with his great-uncle Leo, a man he never met. A forest ranger in the Sierra Nevada mountains, Leo and his dog Gabe, live a far more quiet life. When Tony meets Gabe, he finds an unconditional love that he has never known. Is this a happy ending or will he have to return to a life that he dreads? Told in alternating voices between Gabe and Tony, this is a great story about dogs, family, life and the possibility of a future.