WNPL Website

Looking for the latest book and movie reviews, information about upcoming programs and other great library resources? Find all of this and more at our new & improved website, wnpl.info. We will be discontinuing the Kids’ blog in the near future, so remember to bookmark wnpl.info to find to find the most up-to-date information.

WNPL’s New Website is Coming!

On Monday, May 7, watch for WNPL’s new website featuring: Responsive design for mobile devices Improved website search Easy access to our phone number, contact email address and hours Google translation feature for several different languages Improved Bookmobile maps to make it easier to find the Bookmobile in your neighborhood! Original content from our More Than Just Books (Adult), The… Read more »

Her Right Foot

The Statue of Liberty. You might recognize it as a national landmark. You may also know that it symbolizes freedom. Do you know where it came from? Or why it has a torch? Or what is going on with her right foot? Her Right Foot is the latest book by David Eggers and it tells the fascinating story of our… Read more »

Good Housekeeping: Kids Cook!

Do you know any kids who enjoy cooking? Do you know any grown ups that want to cook or bake amazing food with simple recipes? If you do, you will want to check out Good Housekeeping Kid’s Cook! This is an amazing cookbook filled with scrumptious recipes for different kinds of: breakfasts, lunches to go, snacks, drinks, dinners, side dishes… Read more »

Song of the Wild

Do you like animals? ALL kinds of animals? If you enjoy reading about animals from all over the world, you need to check out Nicola Davies’ Song of the Wild: A First Book of Animals. This is a collection of short poems and beautiful illustrations of animals that can be found worldwide. This includes selections on lions, whale sharks, weaverbirds,… Read more »

You’re All Kinds of Wonderful

Every boy and girl are special. Each with their special and unique personality and talent. In Nancy Tillman’s latest book, You’re All Kinds of Wonderful, she celebrates a child’s bells and whistles. All children are different. All children are special. Each with their own bells and whistles that they need to share with everyone! With  beautiful illustrations and a heartwarming… Read more »

The Losers Club

Alex Spencer reads too much! What?! Is that even possible? It is and he’s at risk for losing his summer plans because of it. In the latest book by Andrew Clements, The Losers Club, too much reading can be a bad thing. Alex’s principal is frustrated over his habit of reading books during class and not paying attention during classes…. Read more »

Michael Sullivan Visit

The library recently hosted Michael Sullivan, author of Connecting Boys With Books: What Libraries Can Do; Connecting Boys With Books 2: Closing the Reading Gap & Raising Boy Readers in addition to many other books. While at WNPL, Mr. Sullivan used stories and anecdotes to convey an understanding of the differences that are common among many boys and how these differences can affect reading…. Read more »

Women in Sports: 50 Fearless Athletes Who Played to Win

What does Wilma Rudolph, Anjali Bhaqwat, Keiko Fukuda and Katie Ledecky have in common? They are four of the fifty amazing women athletes highlighted in Rachel Ignotofsky’s book, Women in Sports: 50 Fearless Athletes Who Played to Win. These fifty strong, courageous and amazing female athletes from history and today. Some of these athletes are trail blazers. Some are Olympians…. Read more »